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Middletown is honored to be the home of Flint Audio Video. When shopping for anything entertainment related, Flint is the spot you do not want to overlook. Not only are their deals on par with many big-box companies, but Flint is fully invested in their community. Flint has one location, in Middletown, but their reach goes far outside their business doors.

Flint Audio Video has a heart for Middletown and all that Rhode Island represents. The list of charitable entities that receive donations from Flint is lengthy, but here are some of the most notable ones.

The Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) is the largest mariner’s service agency in North America, which has been working on behalf of mariners since 1834. Flint Audio-Video knows the world relies on the skill and services of mariners throughout the world, and they have chosen to support SCI in their effort to be the outstretched hand that supports hardworking mariners throughout the country.

Rhode Island is home to many species of special, beautiful birds; and the Norman Bird Sanctuary Bird Ball is a beautiful summertime event, hosted in Middletown, Rhode Island, that brings bird lovers together in an effort to raise funds to protect these beautiful indigenous birds of Rhode Island. Flint Audio-Video has teamed up with the Norman Bird Sanctuary to support this annual event and join their cause to preserve what is so special to their area and cherished by local residents.

flint av animal supportFlint’s love of animals doesn’t end there. Flint Audio-Video has also participated in the Heart & Sole Walk for Animals, the largest pet walk in Rhode Island that helps to raise funds to support over 2,000 homeless animals each year. The Heart & Sole walk is put on by the Potter League, and they provide necessary medical care and nutrition in hopes of enriching the lives of the animals who are struggling without a home.

The youth of Middletown High School and Portsmouth High School are touched by this local business as well. Flint Audio-Video is active in promoting and donating to the Post Prom programs of both schools, which has provided a safe place for students to be together and celebrate for many years.

Child and Family Services of Rhode Island, Hillside Charities, high school athletic sponsorships…the list goes on. Flint Audio-Video is more than ongoing promotions, local deals, expert installments, and precise customer care. They are actively giving back, both locally and nationally. They have taken their opportunity to pay it forward very seriously.