Flint Audio and Video: Always Ahead of the Curve

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When making your Christmas shopping list this holiday season, make sure Flint Audio and Video is on your shopping list. They have new Black Friday deal models and they are definitely eye candy. Check out the Samsung 32 inch smart LED TV on sale for only $199 normally $329. Or how about the LG OLED TV new technology just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Make someone’s Christmas special with an LG 77-inch OLED screen from Flint Audio Video. On sale for $6999. These big screen TVs take your breath away and they come with all of the latest screen technology as well as top-rated sound. Imagine watching the Super Bowl with one of these! There are several other Black Friday deals from the major companies like Sonos Bean, Sony, Samsung, and Bows to name a few.

flint audio video gifts

Great Holiday Specials

When it comes to the Christmas spirit, Flint Audio definitely has that covered, too. Their philosophy is to offer great deals to customers and help them out when they can. They do this by offering sales and being helpful after the sale as well.


They have had over three decades of positive experience with their customers in the Middletown Rhode Island area and they want to spread the Christmas cheer with great deals for you as well as continuing to help with their charity work.

Some of the charities they have been involved with in the past include the Rogers High Athletics organization, The Norman Bird Sanctuary Bird Ball, and the Child & Family Services of Rhode Island organization.

This shows the diverse way that Flint Audio takes the time to care about the things that matter like supporting local youth Athletics, Church events, and more. To help those in need and to give back while making their customers happy is their primary goal.

They believe that by helping others they will make the world a better place and will inspire young people to do great things with their lives as well. Inspiring the future and offering great deals now is what they do best.


Middletown RITo visit with the staff at Flint Audio and Video, go to http://flint-audio.com/locations/ for map and directions, as well as their contact information.

Also, be sure to check out the many great high-tech deals we discussed above as their Black Friday deals continue to roll on. They believe in offering their customers a great product while also providing the kind of excellent service that they know their customers have come to expect.

If you live in the Middletown, Rhode Island area, you are lucky enough to be located close to one of the best businesses in the state of Rhode Island. They don’t fool around when it comes to offering great services and products.

And they want to get to know their customers so they will know how to better serve them in the future.
So, as you go about your holiday shopping, make sure they are on your list. You won’t want to miss what they have to offer!